The biggest T.O. party to start 2004.

Best of the Best - pt #1

Guyana & Trinidad

was a huge success.

Yes, we have to BIG UP Everyone who came out to support this highly successful party within the first weekend of 2004.

Have to BIG UP dj Tricky & Sweet D for a wicked old skool / house music set.

Yes, we must BIG UP "de ENERGIZER BUNNY" who took De Unstoppable's instructions for one wild whining session on de ground.

Of course, we have to shout out STARBOY for all of the crazy photos,

& da BOSS and RUFF RYDER for all the background help.

Such a successful party deserves another, get ready for

BIG Thanks to All who came out to this one of a kind party.

Scroll down to view over 40 party photos from this

BIG one of a kind successful party.